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Teeth Whitening – Barnegat, NJ

An Easy Way To Brighten Your Smile

Even if you regularly brush and floss every day, you can still experience discoloration on your teeth over time. This can either be due to age, drinking dark-colored beverages, poor dental hygiene, worn out enamel, and even genetics. Fortunately, Dr. Admasu Gizachew can offer you the treatment you need for a beautiful smile: teeth whitening. With both in-office and take-home procedures, you’ll be able to brighten your pearly whites by several shades with a quick and effective solution. Read on to learn about teeth whitening in Barnegat, or contact our office if you’d like to schedule a consultation!

Why Choose NU Dental of Barnegat For Teeth Whitening?

Who Is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

woman smiling after getting teeth whitening in Barnegat

If you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks in the mirror, then you’re likely a good candidate for teeth whitening treatment. However, the best way to determine this is to visit Dr. Gizachew for an initial consultation. After reviewing your dental history and evaluating if your gums are healthy, we’ll discuss whether an in-office or at-home option is best for you. Our team will then create a customized treatment plan so that you know what to expect from your whitening process.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

example of dental tools for at-home teeth whitening in Barnegat

Compared to store-bought products, we can provide more powerful and safer whitening treatments at NU Dental of Barnegat. Read on as we cover the differences between our take-home and in-office Ultradent solutions to discover which is right for you. 

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

You can whiten your smile in the comfort of your home with our custom trays and professional-grade bleaching gel. You’ll wear them for a certain period every day over the course of two weeks. Once you’ve completed your treatment, you’ll be able to enjoy a significantly brighter smile.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

If you’re on a tight schedule and would rather whiten your teeth in a single visit, then you might consider our in-office procedure. We’ll use a bleaching agent to blast away any stains from below the surface of your tooth enamel in about an hour.

Tips for Maintaining Your Brighter Smile

woman laughing after getting teeth whitening in Barnegat

After completing your teeth whitening process, we recommend you practice several steps to maximize how long your results will last:

If you’d like to schedule an initial consultation for teeth whitening in Barnegat, feel free to give our team a call today! Dr. Gizachew will be more than happy to discuss your options for a beautiful smile.

Understanding the Cost of Teeth Whitening

woman and piggy bank for cost of teeth whitening Barnegat

Before you go all-in on any dental treatment, certainly you’ll want to be clear on what it’s going to cost. Below, we’ll touch on all the factors that impact the cost of teeth whitening in Barnegat. Though it can vary from patient to patient, gaining a better understanding of the elements involved will help you know what to expect before your smile rejuvenation.

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How Do I Know If I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

before and after for cost of teeth whitening Barnegat

Are you struggling with mild dental flaws like stained, chipped, cracked, misshapen, or misaligned teeth? If so, then you might be a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Depending on which option you choose, the results can range from whitening your teeth to creating your dream smile! Not only can your treatment give your pearly whites a more attractive appearance, but it can also help improve your dental health. The best way to determine if you’re eligible for cosmetic dentistry is to schedule a consultation with our team. We’ll assess your situation and determine which treatment options are best for achieving your smile goals.

Does Cosmetic Dentistry Hurt?

tillustration trying to decide for cost of teeth whitening Barnegat

Most cosmetic dental treatments are non-invasive, meaning you likely won’t need local anesthetics or experience much discomfort. With that said, our team will still make sure you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the process. We’ll especially numb your mouth for more complex treatments like veneers. You may experience mild soreness or sensitivity for a few days after your cosmetic procedure, but this should gradually go away on its own. If the sensation persists for too long, then be sure to reach us right away for help.

What’s the Difference Between a Dentist and a Cosmetic Dentist?

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While cosmetic dentistry isn’t typically considered a specialty like orthodontics and pediatrics, many dentists often pursue advanced training to perform these treatments. A cosmetic dentist is primarily focused on enhancing the appearance of your teeth through an artistic lens compared to general dentists. It’s important to remember that they can still perform the usual dental services available such as routine checkups and cleanings, fillings, and crowns.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Covered by Insurance?

a man smiling after visiting cosmetic dentist in Barnegat

Cosmetic dentistry is generally not considered “essential”, so many dental insurance providers don’t offer coverage for it. Fortunately, there might be exceptions for certain kinds of procedures that are beneficial to your dental health. For instance, your benefits may provide partial coverage for veneers or crowns, as these are designed to protect damaged teeth. Make sure you double-check the details of your plan with your insurance company before making any decisions. You can also speak with our knowledgeable team so we can help you make the most of your benefits!

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